Linux / DevOps on Cloud


Learn about DevOps, implementing, deploying and administering servers, large infrastructure, cloud services, linux.

  • Ability to learn quickly.
  • Very good knowledge of operating systems (preferably power-user or administrative level).
  • Scripting skills.
  • Basic cloud services knowledge.

Your energy, enthusiasm and passion will be highly appreciated and properly compensated. Also, by the end of the internship period, you will be granted with a full-time position job offer.

You will get hands-on experience with:
– Administering & scripting with linux (AIX)
– Continuous Integration & Delivery
– Cloud Platforms (AWS, Azure)
– Top-notch technologies, including but not limited to Kubernetes, CHEF, Puppet, Ansible.
– Learn about cloud architecture, integration & implementations.
– Learn about industry best practices, patterns, automation and integration for cloud.

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