Node JS developer, with React
@Fullscreen Digital, în Strada Știrbei Vodă 114-116, București, Romania


Fullscreen Digital is a software development company and a digital agency on a road of fast growth and expansion.

Our flagship product is a revolutionary range of products called Footprints – a platform that combines big data and BI coming from physical and virtual sources like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth beacons, Digital Signage, footfall counters, mobile SDKs, mobile applications and the web into actionable insights, behavioural reports and on-the-spot engagement and loyalty techniques for retail businesses.

Besides the Retail Analytics engine, our platform also delivers a Location Based Marketing platform that is able to manage all the data across all the components and also implements an IFTTT-like interface that allows scheduled automated targeted communication based on indoor location information, behavioural and profile of the customers, and also external sources perceived as event triggers or contextual factors.

Please watch a presentation for the Footprints platform here:

Also, as our interest for the Indoor Positioning techniques grew, we decided to invest into a new product called Surround – a cutting-edge indoor location technology that, based on multi-sensor mobile device data and raw-data processing algorithms, delivers real time indoor location information for people inside buildings – shopping malls, supermarkets, office buildings and so on.

Please watch a presentation for the Surround IPS system here:

The Surround and Footprints products, that are the object of the current job opening, implements a permanent 8-members R&D team that reunites specialists from The Polytechnic University in Bucharest, telecom specialists from Romania and France, data scientists specialised in data mining and Machine Learning, software architects and developers specialised in client/server, backend, frontend, web and mobile technologies.


o Knowledge of JavaScript;
o Experience in working with node.js and the Express framework;
o Knowledge of React frontend framework, eventually with Redux state containers;
o Experience in working with no-sql (MongoDB) and/or relational (MySQL / SQL Server) databases; o Knowledge of application design principles: MVC, Object Oriented, RESTful services / APIs;


o Full VIP private medical insurance at Regina Maria;
o Young, cosy and challenging team and work environment that promotes professional growth and opportunities;
o Access to the newest and latest web and mobile technologies;
o Weekly team technology and activity friendly update events;
o Weekly time for personal development, discovery and technology and trends research;
o Excellent workplace location in the Cismigiu - Stirbei Voda area.

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