Tester Internship
@Allevo, în Calea Vitan nr. 23C, Bucuresti, Sector 3


Internship description:

  • Active learning in Allevo’s Verification & Validation team
  • Team work experience in the Verification & Validation department of Allevo (in accordance with Carnegie Mellon University USA CMMI model)
  • Working with various technologies like:
    • OS: AIX, Linux, Windows (including HA Clusters)
    • Middleware: WMQ, Apache MQ
    • Database: Oracle, PostgreSQL
    • Application Server: WAS, Weblogic, JBOSS, Apache Tomcat
    • Allevo products
  • Involvement in a complex open source project, aimed at insuring worldwide financial interoperability


  • Computer Science University, Electronics and Telecommunication University, Cybernetics University, Mathematics University (in progress or finished)
  • General knowledge of databases and SQL queries
  • General knowledge of operating systems (Windows, Unix)
  • English advanced
  • Willingness to learn new things
  • Communication skills
  • Flexibility

Future collaboration:

  • Becomes possible if the intern has proven to have the willingness to assimilate what he has learned during the internship, the ability to integrate in the team and the environment and knowingly agrees to the activities he is required to perform
  • The working schedule allows the candidate to continue his education and get a part/full time or a project based job within the company, without affecting the quality of any of the two activities
  • Agreement between parties

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