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Early hands-on experience is vital to becoming a good engineer. That’s why we have challenging internships and ambitious graduation programs. Students are part of the team and we encourage them to write code from day one. Most interns submit their code to a production branch on their first week.

Apply with your resume between March 1st and April 30th:

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Bucharest, Romania

Anunțuri deschise la 4PSA

Internship Machine Learning Engineer
Bucharest, Romania
Data. Algorithms. Input. Now that we’ve got your attention, tell us: are you a human with a huge crush on machine learning? If so, with your experience in predictive analysis, you probably already know what’s up. We want you as our Machine Learning Engineer. We need someone with your technical vision to contribute to Hubgets,…
Internship Linux C/C++ Software Engineer
Bucharest, Romania
Do you have a calling for C/C++ and feel like you could use some hands-on experience? If so, we have the perfect spot for you on our Core team. As a Linux C/C++ Software Engineer Intern, you’ll learn about real-time communication systems and Cloud architecture. Exciting projects are in store for you as you’ll be…
Internship Cloud Backend Software Engineer
Bucharest, Romania
If you want an internship full of engineering challenges, come join our Backend team. As part of this team, you will discover how we provide support for the client level frontend (JavaScript and mobile). From simple storage to complex business logic, we’re here to teach you how the backend works. We use JavaScript (Node.js), PHP,…
Internship JavaScript Software Engineer
Bucharest, Romania
Want to bring your contribution to the only fully functional WebRTC over SIP stack in the world? If yes, we’re ready to take you on our Frontend team. As our intern, you’ll be dealing with a lot of experimental and newborn technologies like WebRTC, and JavaScript will become your playground. We want you to be…
Internship Mobile Software Engineer
Bucharest, Romania
Want to become a kicka$$ mobile software engineer? Join 4PSA’s Mobile team and you’re off to a good start 😉 As part of our team, you will have the perfect opportunity to understand the general architecture of our mobile apps and learn more about real-time communication. Our internship is very hands-on, so get ready to…
Internship SQA Automation Software Engineer
Bucharest, Romania
Is your mantra I’ll test it for myself? Are people calling you a nitpicker when, in fact, you’re just a huge fan of details? If so, our internship is where you can learn and practice it while having fun 😉 As part of the team, you will learn a great deal about software testing, and…
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