Beagle is the worlds first artificial intelligence and collaboration solution for small and medium sized enterprise contract needs. The Beagle founders have extensive experience in business, law, and artificial intelligence. With that experience we have developed proprietary artificial intelligence engines which highlight key information and can be trained to look for more.
Over time, machine learning begins highlighting information that is important to you. Beagle provides instant focus on the key areas of a contract, bringing you from 0 to 80% comprehension in seconds.
It reads a contract and displays the results graphically. Using a simple visual summary you immediately gain a sense of how your contract is structured so you can decide the best way to proceed.

Built in-house and designed for analyzing contracts, the engine uses natural language processing and machine learning to look at each sentence to discover patterns and determine what the responsibilities, liabilities and termination clauses are for each party.

TL;DR: a 2yo Canadian-Romanian start-up that’s still small and agile with a major focus on product development, we’re looking to expand.

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