We’ve been developing software that interacts with companies, their customers and employees since 2005. Our approach to software development caters to web, desktop and mobile solutions. Furthermore, we provide scalable architectures that incorporate cloud services and complex business processes.

We provide tailor-made software solutions that fit the specific needs of our clients.
At the heart of our unique approach lies a client-focused team of dedicated developers with vast experience in building custom software that spans across different industries.

Armed with a powerful technology stack, we aim to accelerate and simplify business operations and automate manual processes with systems and web-based enterprise applications that live up to the expectations of our customer base.

Building online payments and e-identity platforms is our core specialisation developed in-house over the course of 10 years.

Considering the increasing number of online transactions and e-commerce platforms supporting digital identity, we focus on developing software applications that provide real value on multiple fronts, including payment authorization and private data access, distribution and authorization.

Apart from tailor-made software, we also create editorial and eLearning content for different platforms developed by our .NET teams and Java teams.

et. 1, Bulevardul Profesor Dimitrie Mangeron 53, Iași 700050

Anunțuri deschise la Maxcode

.NET Internship
et. 1, Bulevardul Profesor Dimitrie Mangeron 53, Iași 700050
Where? The internship takes place in Maxcode office in Iasi and provides an opportunity to participate in the development of web applications, in a company that approaches its projects based on Scrum. What will I do? You become a part of a team, work together, and commit yourself to the goal agreed upon by the…