OSF Global Services achieves its success by establishing meaningful, unwavering values that we apply to every aspect of our business. We focus on respect, flexibility and commitment to our clients and our team.

We optimize your applications and transform your technology to propel your business, making it more profitable, productive and competitive. And we accomplish these goals through a combination of cutting edge skills, domain expertise and best practice methodologies. Our SLA-grade services portfolio includes:

Applications Development
Enterprise Application Integration
Multi-language Product Support
Application Testing
Virtualization Services
Cloud and SaaS Integrations
Enterprise HR Cloud Solutions and
Customer Support Outsourcing

Even in today’s challenging economy, OSF has grown at exponential speed. Since our founding in 2003, the company has doubled operations each year, resulting in continuous innovation and new services for our clients. More than 90% of our application development business is from repeat clients or their referrals, giving testament to our expertise and reliability.

Anunțuri deschise la OSF Global Services

Back-end Developer
Bulevardul Dacia 99, Bucharest, Romania
You will learn both Nodejs and MongoDB. Using the power of the Express.js framework, you will work with a REST API to get data while also using routes and mongo to fetch dynamic data to build a full-featured ecommerce website. We offer a premium subscription on treehouse review your techniques and ensure you use the…
Front-end Developer
Bulevardul Dacia 99, Bucharest, Romania
Our internship will help you learn the fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3. You will also gain knowledge on how to use SaSS to generate CSS code, as well as how to use Gulp or Webpack to build your SaSS and JavaScript, per today’s standards. Using either normal media queries or a framework such as Bootstrap…