From Web Development to Brand Identity, our services vary from short Consulting meetings to building Scalable Apps from scratch.

What is Outmerge? you might ask. Well, everything started from the desire to share our knowledge with the world, and, by helping new businesses grow, improving already existent brands and by adding real value to our products, that’s exactly what we’ve managed to do. One might say we bring ideas to life, which although true, is not the unique aspect that defines us. Our essence, as well as quality, emerges from the passion we have for what we do. And while being passionate about it, we’re also very eager to show everyone what we can do, as we believe that if you know how to do something well, it’s worth sharing. So, our unique touch comes from the way we takle each project and idea, and by considering them as our own we manage to draw out the creativity and knowledge needed to give your business the edge it trully deserves.

București, Romania

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Până atunci fă-ți cont pe Junio dacă nu ai deja și pregătește-ți profilul. Junio este cea mai mare platformă de joburi și stagii pentru studenții din România.