For over 10 years we deliver digital products and services, with full focus on high quality and innovative solutions that drive business growth.

We empower businesses with customized, high performance components from our Tech Garages™, originating in strong engineering practices, agile engines, and ideation workshops.

We started the company in 2006 with the vision of becoming a reliable partner for growing businesses and organizations that aim to upgrade internally and influence their industry.

Year over year we enriched our knowledge and expertise with investing extra efforts in building PoCs meant to boost the adoption of digital waves within the projects with our clients (data, IoT, machine learning, deep learning etc.). We soon realized that our growth was proportional to our core principle of always promoting innovating components in every customer relationship.

In the changing and challenging business environment we all swim in today, our clients need a business oriented partner that can build innovative solutions and relieve them of their current navigation difficulties.

Strada Gara Herăstrău, București, România

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Strada Gara Herăstrău, București, România
Are you young, dynamic and willing to learn more? Are you about to finish University, getting a technical degree? Are you willing to enrol in a training program to start your career? If YES, Then JOIN NOW! Be part of a young, dynamic and evolving team! RINF TECH is “the way” to start your career…