Founded in 2004 in Iași, we are a industry-leading company defined by its drive to build state-of-the-art
in-house products. We specialize in the research, development and implementation of software and
hardware technologies for the processing of flexible materials, with a strong focus on computer aided
design (CAD) and cutting room processes/computer aided manufacturing (CAM).

Our business is built on a strong foundation centered on two pillars: our team – which incorporates
decades worth of experience in cross-linked fields of expertise, and our collection of proprietary, in-house
developed algorithms and know-how.

Gemini CAD Systems provides leading edge integrated solutions (software and hardware) dedicated to
the garment, technical textile and leather industries. Gemini CAD Systems’ advanced technologies
automate operations in the production process from product design to cutting the materials, for more than
6000 customers across 5 continents, providing reliable technical support throughout all stages.

Strada Tudor Vianu 2a, Iași County, România

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