Sparktech Software is a product development consulting company focused on designing and developing scalable high-performance web & mobile apps. We’re all passionate about technology, it’s one of the things that connects us. The technical edge comes directly from the varied skill­set, innovative ideas, designs & creativity of our people.

Since 2005, we’ve grown into one of the most experienced teams within the web dev ecosystem. Along with our deep expertise with Ruby on Rails, we’ve used a lot of tools, libraries and frameworks. Our portfolio ranges from big data solutions, enterprise tools to consumer-facing e-commerce platforms.

We encourage Computer Science students to apply for our Internship program. It will be based on two projects that will start from scratch. One of them is data science oriented, while the other is a complex web & mobile app. Open positions include roles in Machine Learning, Big Data, Mobile, Frontend and Backend development, UI/UX Design, Project Management, DevOps and Quality Assurance. We provide meaningful & engaging work and support free exchange of ideas. By joining our team, you’ll only be limited by your own imagination and work ethic. It’s a place where both your opinion and abilities are highly valued.

Strada Vulturilor nr. 98A, sector 3, Bucuresti, Romania

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