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Linux C++ Programming
Paid internship at AQUASoft (500) · 02/10/2023
  • – Business Software Development
  • – Cloud computing
  • – Web
  • room București
Required skills:

programare de sistem linux communication python c++

For those with a true passion for programming on linux based operating system, this opportunity is tailor-made for you.

It's a chance to delve into the realm of programming on a legendary platform that continues to shape history in the modern age. If you are at ease collaborating with international teams in a remote environment, possess deep knowledge of C++ or any other mainstream programming language, and are eager to further your expertise in linux and System Z, then joining our cool team at AQUASoft for the C++ programming position will set you apart from the crowd.

Requirements: Strong problem-solving skills and a desire to tackle complex technical challenges. Excellent communication skills. Critical thinking. Passion for programming. Comfortable working in a remote setup. Motivated to learn and expand your expertise in various programming languages, operating systems and open-source software.

Responsibilities: Work closely with our international teams, collaborating remotely on ports of open-source projects. Acquire essential knowledge and hands-on experience with linux and System Z. Programming (C++, or Python on linux).

Benefits: Exposure to cutting-edge projects and the chance to work on innovative solutions. Mentorship from top-notch experienced experts in the field. Worldwide recognition in the open-source community we will contribute to.

AQUASoft is a leading tech company on digital transformation, software development, and managed services. We are an equal opportunity employer. One of our main pillars is to continuously invest in people.

If everything will go well, as we undoubtedly expect, you will be granted a full-time position job at the end of this assignment.

We offer a dynamic work environment, exposure to international projects / end-client teams, the opportunity to work with the latest state-of-the-art technologies, besides the attractive compensation package.