Our company, CBN Agro Tech, has taken on a mission to help farmers protect their stored grains against spoilage by providing them with the latest technology and IoT equipment to remotely monitor their grain storage facilities in real-time, track inventory levels, and receive alerts if any issues are detected.

We develop custom electronics for sensing and automation, plus a cloud-based application enabling our customers to access their data from anywhere using their computer or mobile device.

Junior Full-Stack Web Developer
Paid internship at CBN Agro Tech (1000) · Starts after academic term
  • – Cloud computing
  • – Web
  • room București

An important part of our system is the web & mobile frontend where our clients can view the current status of their locations, see historical data (as nice looking graphs), and even remotely control / schedule their ventilation systems. We also have a backend (cloud-based servers) managing a pretty big repository (i.e., database) where we store sensor data and run various analysis algorithms on it.

We wish to train junior students to become knowledgeable in both web frontend and backend development (i.e., full-stack) and help us with building a better application for our customers. We mainly use JavaScript-based technologies (HTML5 / CSS + Web Components on the front, NodeJS on the servers), so basic experience is advisable.

You will be under the mentorship of a skilled senior with over 10 years of experience of web development, also being a certified trainer in Google Cloud technologies.

You will:

  • Develop & deploy code for both frontend and backend in a cloud + IoT setting;
  • Design responsive UI to be usable among both desktop and mobile devices;
  • Develop scalable microservices and use APIs to ensure proper integration;
  • Integrate with various database management systems and choose the most appropriate solution for the task at hand;
  • Collaborate with an interactive team to bring new amazing features to life;
  • Work along with the embedded development team to further analyze and plan for the requirements of resource constrained systems;


  • Finished or currently enrolled in a relevant degree program in computer science or a related field;
  • Medium HTML + CSS skills (especially for building grid-based layouts, common in most web applications);
  • Basic knowledge of the HTTP protocol (common methods & headers);
  • Fluent in JavaScript + understanding the following principles: object-oriented programming, functional paradigms (i.e., closures), asynchronous execution, packages / modules;
  • Experience with a modern frontend JS framework (Angular / React / Polymer / LitElement / other template engines);
  • Experience with NodeJS for backends;
  • Experience with any web frontend or backend build systems (e.g., WebPack / Rollup / Parcel);
  • Problem solving skills (mostly, the ability to search, read & understand documentations!);
  • Optional: experience with containers (e.g., Docker) and Kubernetes is a plus!
  • Optional: TypeScript knowledge is a big plus!