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Provide feedback in UI when config is applied on devices after a change is commited. Continue stats alerts POC
Paid internship at Keysight Technologies Romania · 26/06/2024
  • – Web
  • room București
Required skills:


Part1: Configuration created on our visibility orchestrator is applied aysnchroniously on devices. The user does not have any feedback when the config is in place on a specific device. This was raised by one of our clients as a nice to have feature . We have a workflow in mind and most backend is there (90%), we just need to show the feedback to the user it in the web UI.

Part2: if time allows, continue POC for using prometheus alert manager for creating alerts when stats are outside an expected interval.

KVO is the Keysight orchestrator for all our visibility products, both cloud and network packet brokers.

What you will gain: • Work with latest technologies like k8s, docker, prometheus, angular, graphql. • Work on a big project with tens of developers working on the same code base