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Special-purpose JavaScript compiler for identifying network requests
Paid internship at Keysight Technologies Romania · 26/06/2024
  • – Networking
  • – Cybersecurity
  • room București
Required skills:

data structures algorithms compilers

Modern security architectures like Zero Trust Networking rely on JavaScript running in browsers as a key part of interoperability, even for automatic integrations. As we try to interoperate with ZeroTrust vendors, we are spending considerable time manually inspecting web pages to extract the requests produced by JavaScript code on that page.

The proposed project is to create a JavaScript compiler/interpreter that can extract this information automatically. It will be fed a JS script, parse it, and extract the URLs, HTTP methods, and parameters that a browser would send. For example, if the script says theUrl = "/my-url"; request.open(GET, theUrl), we will extract "GET /my-url" as the request.

This compiler will be integrated initially as a development tool to help speed up the creation of new ATI content that interoperates with Zero Trust devices. The output will be automatically tested by integrating with the CyPerf product and with major ZTNA vendors.

CyPerf product - World’s first instantly scalable network test solution for zero trust in distributed cloud environments, with a large library of common web applications and simulated attack traffic.

What you will gain: • You will work in a dedicated internship team guided by a senior engineer to develop a research-style project integrating with cutting edge network architectures and products.

• You will learn about web technologies (JS, HTML), networking (HTTP, SAML, Zero Trust), Python scripting.