NXP Semiconductors, ca lider în soluții de conectivitate sigure pentru aplicații embedded, are inițiativa în inovația din domeniul automobilului inteligent, conectat și sigur, precum și în soluții de securitate și confidențialitate end-to-end. NXP aduce o contribuție esențială în realizarea de conexiuni mai sigure și o infrastructură mai bună pentru o lume mai inteligentă.

Software Internship – Automotive Security Firmware
Paid internship at NXP Semiconductors · Starts after academic term
  • – Embedded & Internet of Things
  • room București
Required skills:

c debugging scripting

Ready to drive the future of Automotive with NXP?

The automotive industry goes through a revolutionary transformation. Cars used to be combustion engine powered vehicles designed to take the driver and passengers from point A to point B, with horsepower and top speed as key value propositions. They are transforming into fully connected IoT edge devices delivering Infotainment and comfort like never before. They have increasing levels of safety, automation and autonomy that drastically reduce the risk of accidents. All this while moving to hybrid and electric powertrains transforming our world step by step into a greener and safer place.

We are looking for interns who want to learn to design, develop and test the firmware that keeps the secrets of the intelligent systems powering the cars of tomorrow.

Join us in the NXP Romania Automotive Security team and we’ll contribute to together to securing the next generation of automotive products.

As a member of our team that develops software for Automotive Microcontrollers and Processors, you’ll extend your practical experience on cryptography and embedded security by implementing firmware that controls and executes the security and cryptography operations. As part of your daily activities you will create and maintain code and tests for various firmware components and related infrastructure. You will work with and learn from recognized technical leaders in the security domain and you will apply techniques for code hardening against attacks. You will be part of Agile teams and you’ll use state-of-the-art software lifecycle management tools while following automotive software development standards.

Your experience in the following areas is important to ensure your successful contribution and career development:

Programming practice of embedded systems (C, scripting, debugging)

Good understanding of computer architecture

We consider a plus previous experience in embedded software related to security and cryptography

Strong willingness to deliver high-quality software products

English (spoken and written)

A typical day involves at least one of:

interacting with real embedded engineers and work and during coffee breaks - attn: involves laughing, from time to time;

learning about a modern processor architecture;

writing embedded C code, perhaps a bit of assembly language;

brushing up on python skills for automating;

understanding how to program in software a hardware communication peripheral;

getting skilled in using a debugger probe to study bugs and profiling information for embedded target device;

finally figuring out why architecturing software is a must before jumping on heedlessly writing code.

By joining our team, beside an attractive salary package, you’ll have the opportunity to be part of a high performance team, who has already patented innovative ideas in the automotive software domain, in a secure, pleasant and dynamic work environment. Both technical competency and attitude are important in our team, and you are expected to collaborate with local and global team members, to demonstrate independence in solving problems and agility in switching projects as per customer priorities, to be motivated by delivering results, to be assertive in supporting your technical design opinions, and to be open on the challenges towards achieving the expected results.

Duration of the assignment: a minimum of 6 months. Please note that you will need to be a registered student throughout the course of the assignment.