We are a team of dedicated university students who want to pay it forward through developing apps that help make student life easier, from schedule management to finding relevant university-related information and communicating with your peers.

Our initial project (ACS UPB Mobile) started over a year ago as a thesis project and has since attracted a talented team of students who want to make a difference. We already have a userbase in ACS UPB and would like to expand to other faculties and universities, taking advantage of our participation in Innovation Labs.

Remote Open-Source Software Engineering Internship
Unpaid internship at StudentHub · Starts after academic term
  • – Cloud computing
  • – Mobile
  • – Summer Schools
  • room București
Required skills:

communication software engineering software development oop

Ever thought about working on an app that would make YOUR life easier? And get some valuable experience and open-source contributions while you're at it, too...

Look no further! StudentHub is offering a unique opportunity to work with an enthusiastic team of students to create an app... for students! You can choose to work on an existing feature or even come up with a new one - you decide and we'll offer you the resources you need to make it happen.


Our project is deeply rooted in the Google ecosystem. Our main technology is Flutter, an open-source cross-platform development framework. We use Google Cloud Platform and Firebase for the database, cloud functions, analytics and more. We're also working on features that use machine learning (Perspective API) and natural language processing (Rasa) as well as the Unity game engine. For DevOps, we are using tools like GitHub Actions and various plugins for CI & CD.

What's in it for you?

You'll get to work on something you care about, with people from various backgrounds, and learn from their experience. You don't need any prior experience, and all of your contributions will be public and linked to your GitHub profile to share with a future employer.


We are looking for a CompSci student with good communication skills and a will to learn - it doesn't matter if you are a first year student just starting to explore software engineering, or a third year student looking for an idea for the bachelor's thesis, or to complete mandatory practice. The project will be adapted to your skills, needs and experience. Basic knowledge of an object-oriented programming language (Java, C++, C# etc.) is recommended for a quick onboarding experience.

Nice to have

These skills are not required, but could help you achieve your goals faster:

  • UX/UI design

  • Mobile development

  • Web development

  • Web scraping

  • ML, NLP

  • Cloud computing

  • DevOps & automation

Not sure if this is the right opportunity for you?

Give our workshop a try, to learn the basics of open source contributions and our main technologies. You can find it on our GitHub page (see "Company website" on the left hand menu).