A VC-backed deeptech startup building a refined search engine for business data across all industries - an approach that's very similar to Google's, providing business data enrichment w/ unprecedented coverage of SMBs, accurate classification & in-depth insights based on real-time updates. We analyze hundreds of billions of URLs every month & apply several AI models to break them down into tens of usable data points associated with each company. Currently a team of 40+ driven individuals, we're investing our time to solve problems that haven’t been solved before anywhere in the world.

Big Data Engineer
Paid internship at Veridion (formerly Soleadify) · Starts after academic term
  • – Artificial Intelligence
  • – Cloud computing
  • – Web
  • room București
Required skills:

We learn to master new tools every day and we think the reasoning behind decisions is the one that counts the most. You can probably get up to speed with the rest rather quickly. You need the skills to tackle one of the assignments we have prepared and come up with an impressive solution, using any tools and technologies you feel comfortable with.

Want to become an unstoppable force in the tech industry?

  • As a Big Data Engineer Intern, you will develop the data extraction and processing mechanisms inside our big data infrastructure (Spark, Cassandra), that currently supports the processing of 6GB of data every minute. Your mission will be to improve the overall quality, width and depth of the data collected on companies worldwide.

  • You will work closely with Mihai (our CTO) and Marius, our Head of Data (20 yrs of experience, founded several companies incl. avstore.ro), on optimizing, improving and normalizing the data we process. And the gems that make up our Data Engineering team one by one: Alex, Alex, Cosmin and Dragos.

This might be a life changing move for you.

  • No, we're not kidding. Check this out 👇
  • Claudiu joined our team in his 3rd year of study @UPB and now, two years later, he’s our Head of Machine Learning. 🙌
  • Intimidating? That's how you know you're getting out of your comfort zone. And that's how you grow. 💯
  • Worth it? Absolutely. Buckle up! 🚀

In order to qualify for this role:

  • Choose one of the assignments at bit.ly/ Veridion-DeeptechEngineer.
  • Read the evaluation criteria to have a better understanding of what we're looking for in your solution.
  • Send us a well documented project you're absolutely proud of. Your approach to reach a remarkable solution will be proof you have the needed skills to succeed in this role. Your awesome project will also result in a 500 EUR bonus for you, once you become a permanent employee.


1. What skills do I need to qualify for this internship?

You need the skills to tackle one of the assignments at bit.ly/ Veridion-DeeptechEngineer and come up with an impressive solution, using any tools and technologies you feel comfortable with.

2. What will my responsibilities be once I join the team?

Your tasks will be similar to the assignments above. You’ll learn our tech stack and work with some of the brightest minds in the industry, adding your own input to core features of a groundbreaking product.

3. What tech stack will I be learning?

Here’s an overview of the tools & technologies you’ll have the chance to work with: bit.ly/ Veridion-techmap.

4. When does the internship start?

After the academic term, once we have 3 exceptional candidates to start the first sprint with. We’re also available earlier if you are. We’ll set a date together.

5. How long does the internship last?

It lasts 3 months and you have to make your first deployment within the first 30 days.

6. What’s the schedule?

Flexible hours, full-time, onsite.

7. Can I continue working for Veridion (Soleadify) after the internship?

Absolutely. We're not just looking for interns to fill a temporary role. We'll grant this opportunity to those top-performing candidates who have the potential to become long-term members of our Big Data, Machine Learning & Software Engineering teams. If you give it your best you’ll find your place for sure and we’re here to support that.

8. What if I don’t make it the first time?

Don’t give up. Work harder to send out an impressive solution. That will save you a seat on our waitlist, since we'll make this a recurring opportunity throughout the year.

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