With 30 years of experience and a company of over 400 specialists, Yonder helps software companies and enterprises by solving their challenges with technology expertise.

Yonder has extensive experience with many customers in multiple verticals (healthcare, local government, transport, finance and insurance, waste management, legal, security and surveillance, lease management, food service and education) and different types of products, giving the company a broad knowledge base and a large number of best practices.

DevOps Engineer Program
Paid internship at Yonder · 14/07/2023
  • – Cloud computing
  • – Networking
  • – QA & Technical Support
  • room Iași

Why should you join us?

  • you will find over 20 great minds that are ready to become more than your mentors;
  • you will get a chance to learn the entire software release process, from configuration to monitoring and support of all production/non-production system components and infrastructure;
  • you will be able to interact and implement new technologies in the existing landscapes;
  • you will get the chance to troubleshoot technical or functional issues and to provide timely resolution, on various applications and global platforms;
  • you will be part of an entrepreneurial team with a focus on both customer satisfaction as well as on business growth.


Training for this position will be offered in different team-oriented hands-on environments with different mentors. There will be tasks for completion and courses to be completed throughout your training. You will get the chance to learn the buzzwords of tools that you will... Interact with:

  • Different Linux flavors (RedHat, CentOS, SUSE, Ubuntu, Amazon Linux)
  • Configuration management tools (Puppet, Ansible, Chef)
  • Log aggregation and metric collections (Splunk, ELK, Influx)
  • Version control systems (Git)
  • Scripting languages (Ruby, Python, Bash)
  • Webservers (Nginx, Apache)
  • Databases (PostgreSQL , MariaDB/MySQL, DB2)
  • Virtualization and containerization solutions (VMWare, Docker, ECS, Kubernetes)
  • Build and package management tools (Jenkins, Gitlab)
  • Both private and public cloud solutions (AWS, Microsoft Azure)


  • Linux is not a foreign word to you, and you have already written basic scripts that you are truly proud of;
  • You are interested in learning and using new technologies while having a customer-centric mindset;
  • You have a passion for software and technology;
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Apply now!

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