Amber Studio
Charles de Gaulle Plaza, Piața Charles de Gaulle, Bucharest, Romania
Amber Studio is the largest independently-owned Romanian game development studio, offering premium creative and development services.
Strada Sfântul Lazăr, NR 23A , Iași 700045
inSyncGo is a fast growing business unit offering high-quality IT consulting and outsourcing services. With over 15 years of experience, we are on the road to become more than IT consultants, and rather of a trusted resource and reliable partner with the primary focus being a long term relationships.
BEIA Consult International
Strada Peroni, nr.14-16, sector 4, Municipiul București, România
BEIA CONSULT INTERNAŢIONAL, este unul din principalii furnizori de echipamente de telecomunicaţii din România, având o experienţã de 28 ani în mai bine de 10.000 de proiecte pentru centrale telefonice, reţele de centrale telefonice, reţele de comunicaţii voce-date, soluţii de comunicaţii avansate. De asemenea firma noastrã desfãşoarã activitãţi de cercetare-dezvoltare având mai multe proiecte in…
Evolution Labs SRL
The boutique web application development company you’ve dreamed about.
Binovate Labs
Bucharest, Romania
We aim to help our clients identify and capture the world of opportunities opened by technology advances and the changes in consumers, business partners and employees’ behavior. We provide support throughout the journey from opportunity identification to product development and communication. For this we bring together innovation and business strategy expertise, software development capabilities and…
Piața Charles de Gaulle 13, București, Romania
ADVAHOO is a Romanian Company, based in Bucharest, that has been established in 2011 by a by a team of highly qualified business and technical experts, with wide experience in Banking industry. The Company is specialised is software development and implementation, delivering solutions exclusively for the Financial Services Sector. ADVAHOO uses a consistent set of…
ING Romania
Bulevardul Iancu de Hunedoara 48, București, Municipiul București, România
Our customers are at the heart of what we do and our purpose is to empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. As a company that puts technology at its heart, ING is present in Romania through 2 entities: ING Bank Romania and ING Tech Romania. In the last 25…
Extia Romania
Strada Sevastopol 24, București, România
At EXTIA Romania, we deeply believe that performance & well-being@work fit well together. We look for talented people and give them room for innovation. So to say: “First who, then what!” We believe successful projects start with both professional and personal fulfillment. We value transparency, partnership and self-improvement. We believe in empowerment and knowledge sharing…
Splaiul independentei nr 202k, bloc B3, sc 1, etaj parter, apartament 1
AI powered esports&gaming audience analytics and influencer intelligence.
Chindia Clean&Garden
Strada Bateriei, Popești-Leordeni, România
Suntem o echipă în dezvoltare, energică, harnică și entuziastă. Oferim servicii profesionale de curățenie în apartamente, clădiri de birouri, hoteluri, restaurante, spații comerciale, spații industriale etc;